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Graduate Degree Programs at Thomas Edison State College

Graduate degree programs at Thomas Edison State College are designed to transform students into industry leaders and to meet the demands of working adults. Graduate degree programs are available completely online and integrate management and leadership theories and practices as they apply to a student’s career.

Our students consistently tell us that the convenience and flexibility of online study are important in their decision to enroll. To meet these needs, the College specializes in providing flexible, high-quality graduate programs tailored to the working adult student. Our students value the ability to control their own schedules and fit work on their graduate studies into their already busy lives.

The College’s graduate degree programs all have a central theme: leadership. All graduate degree programs at Thomas Edison State College include three integral parts: core courses, electives that may include a professional focus, and a capstone project. Most graduate degrees at the College enable students to:
  • transfer up to 12 graduate-level credits earned at other regionally accredited institutions;
  • apply up to 12 credits of American Council on Education courses that have been evaluated at the graduate level;
  • develop a graduate-level Prior Learning Assessment portfolio, where students can demonstrate the graduate-level knowledge they have acquired in their work, training or other programs;
  • earn credits for courses offered through Educational Partnership organizations whose programs fit a degree requirement; or
  • design an independent study course under the guidance of a graduate mentor.

Graduate degree programs at Thomas Edison State College

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies allows working professionals to study with an applied perspective, leveraging what is learned from the rigorous study of the liberal arts in their chosen field. The program focuses on links between the liberal arts and professional life, with a core curriculum drawn from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, challenging students to examine their professional values and ways of approaching problems. Students focus their degree program on their own interests by selecting the learner-designed area of study.

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership prepares teachers and administrators to become educational leaders, serving the complex environment of elementary and secondary education. The curriculum presents a coherent set of learning experiences, building and deepening students’ understanding of educational leadership and administration. The program was granted Initial Accreditation by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) for a period of five years, from December 11, 2009, to December 11, 2014.

Master of Science in Applied Science and Technology is designed to meet the advanced, multidisciplinary educational requirements of students pursuing leadership positions in their chosen professions. The program provides graduate study in the modern tools of business management, leadership, applied science and technology, and developing the research, analysis and critical evaluation skills necessary to support decision making and problem solving required to lead today’s technical competencies.

Master of Science in Management focuses on organizational leadership, serving management professionals by integrating management theory and practice as they apply to a wide range of organizations. The program addresses areas critical to managerial success: leadership, organizational understanding, activity management, effective resource use, and managerial self-development. The program was ranked in the top five best buys in the country for online regionally accredited graduate degrees in management, according to a national survey conducted by

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management helps human resource professionals become strategic partners in their organizations. The degree was developed in consultation with key members of the Society for Human Resource Management in New Jersey and across the nation and is fully aligned with the society’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. The program was ranked in the top five best buys in the country for online regionally accredited graduate degrees in HR, according to a national survey conducted by

Master of Science in Nursing offers three specializations: Nurse Educator, preparing students to teach in academic and healthcare settings; Nursing Informatics, preparing students to practice as nursing informatics specialists; and Nursing Administration, preparing students to practice as nurse administrators and leaders. The program’s unique format allows undergraduate nursing students to take up to nine graduate credits toward the master’s degree as they pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Our online graduate certificates enable students to gain expertise in a specific area that can help advance their career in the following areas:
  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Educational Leadership
  • Homeland Security
  • Human Resource Management
  • Nurse Educator
  • Online Learning and Teaching
  • Organizational Management & Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Public Service Leadership

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