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Lock Haven University
Office of Graduate Admissions
401 N. Fairview Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Phone:  570-484-2109
Fax: 570-484-2201

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Founded in 1870, Lock Haven University sits on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and looks over the Bald Eagle Mountains in Central Pennsylvania. The area is rich with outdoor recreational opportunities yet major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, DC are only a few hours away.

Master of Education: Alternative Education (Online Delivery)
The 36 credit Alternative Education program is one of only eight fully accredited Master's programs offered in the United States and is the only program that is offered completely online. The Alternative Education program makes it possible for you to engage in reflective practice while improving your teaching and program development skills. The program encourages you to explore methods, research, and epistemologies that focus on both the learner and systemic changes that will benefit all your students. You will develop skills, knowledge and competencies that will benefit you in your daily work in alternative and/or regular education settings.

Master of Education: Educational Leadership with PA Principal Certification (Online Delivery)
The Educational Leadership program is designed to prepare Pennsylvania educators who desire to take on leadership roles and earn a Principal Certification. The program will prepare visionary leaders with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that enable effective development of student motivation, student achievement, teacher professional growth, curriculum development and implementation, school improvement, human resource leadership, and the capable management of the day-to-day operations within a school. The program is fully approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and designed to meet the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) standards.

Master of Education: Teaching and Learning (Online Delivery)
The 36 credit Teaching and Learning program is designed to provide in-service teachers and other education professionals with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of instructional design, assessment, classroom management and technology integration. Courses also include activities for teachers to develop reflective practice skills through action research within their classrooms. Teachers are encouraged to complete many assignments based on individual professional development goals and needs.

Early Childhood Education Concentration (Online Delivery)
Online graduate level early childhood education course offerings. The courses will meet the new requirements for continuing education for Pre-K Early Childhood Educators. They are not a stand-alone master's program. These courses can be taken separately or can be taken as the elective coursework for another online Master's Program. Lock Haven is an approved provider of the PA Director Credential. Students can earn this credential through our online graduate coursework.

Instructional Technology Concentration (Online Delivery)
Online graduate level instructional technology course offerings introduce students to the management skills required to deliver a stable functional technology assisted teaching and learning environment. Students will choose individualized projects, design needs assessments, research products that support the functionality, compare usability, create a workflow for users, determine student and faculty satisfaction, and analyze the cost effectiveness versus improved learning outcomes. They are not a stand-alone master's program. These courses can be taken separately or can be taken as the elective coursework for another online Master's Program.

Master of Science: Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Online Delivery)
The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program with concentrations in Counseling in Rural Areas, Counseling Veterans and Their Families, and General Clinical Mental Health Counseling is an online 60 credit degree program that prepares students for licensure as a professional counselor in Pennsylvania. Licensed professional counselors and licensed mental health counselors can receive third party payment through health insurance agencies, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration. This allows counselors opportunities to work in a variety of settings such as mental health agencies; private practice and veterans outreach sites and hospitals. The program is consistent with other state licensure codes and a non-Pennsylvania student may be license eligible in another state as a counselor.

Master of Science: Sport Science (Online Delivery)
The 30 credit Sport Science program offers two tracks, Sport Administration and Sport and Exercise Psychology. Graduates of the Sport Administration track are prepared for careers ranging from marketing, sales and sponsorship to event planning and facility management in professional, amateur, educational and community sport settings. Having examined how psychological factors influence sport performance and physical activity participation and how sport and physical activity involvement affect psychological well-being. Graduates of the Sport and Exercise Psychology track are prepared to help athletes and others achieve optimal performance.

Master of Health Science: Physician Assistant (Traditional Delivery)
The Physician Assistant program is a 24-month program that awards a Master of Health Science (MHS) degree, as well as a certificate as a Physician Assistant. In addition to completing the core curriculum, the program offers students additional areas of concentration, in Rural Primary Care or Corrections Medicine. The program was developed in 1996 to increase the number of primary care providers in medically underserved areas of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Fully accredited, the program enjoys an average first-time national board pass rate in excess of 90 percent and has placed over 60 percent of its graduates within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A modularly-designed curriculum, extensive use of technology and a faculty with over 100 years of health care experience has won the program national recognition as one of the premier Physician Assistant programs in the country.

M.Ed.: Alternative Education.
M.Ed.: Teaching & Learning (with concentration in Early Childhood Education & Instructional Technology).
M.Ed.: Educational Leadership with Principal Certification.
M.S.: Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
M.S.: Sport Science.



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